The BID Zone

In October 2020, Bilston BID was approached by representatives from businesses in Etruria Way and Beldray Road, to become part of the BID scheme.

The main attraction for these businesses are the improvements the BID can make to security.
The current CCTV system would be extended to include both estates and the area covered by the overnight security patrols would be widened to accommodate this area.

The BID would benefit financially from the extension, with the anticipated expenditure required to service these businesses, being lower than the income they would bring. As per BID regulations, the movement of the boundary would also mean some other businesses would be involved – these being in Mount Pleasant – including a Training Centre, a social club, Bilston Library & Craft Gallery.

If businesses vote for a second term, this area would become part of the BID zone.

What streets are in the BID Zone?
(Including proposed extension)

Albion Street

Black Country Route

Bankfield Road


Bath Street

Beldray Road

Bilston Bus Station

Bilston Central Metro Station

Bow Street

Caledonia Street

Church Street

Coseley Road

Etruria Way

Fleet Street

Fraser Street


Hall Street

Hartshorn Street

High Street

Homers Fold

Lichfield Street

Linton Croft

Market Street

Market Way

Mill Croft

Mount Pleasant

Mountford Lane

Nettlefolds Way

Oxford Street

Pinfold Street

Pipes Meadow

Prospect Street

Prosser Street

Railway Street

Smith Street

Stafford Street

Stonefield Walk

Stonefield Road

The Orchard

Thompson Street

Walsall Street

Wellington Road

Wood Street

Green – Current Zone | Orange – Proposed Expansion