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Security Patrols & Crime Prevention

Keeping you safer

In the last newsletter, we told you that the BID, working with the Wolverhampton Business Crime Reduction Group (WVBCRG), had secured a deal for the local firm, Cougar Monitoring, to have their security guards patrol Bilston free of charge, for the next three months.

The trial has been viewed a success, with reported crime down by 31% compared to the previous three months according to police figures. Therefore, we now propose to employ their services for the next twelve months for a sum to be agreed. More signage will go up and patrols will increase from three per night to seven per night at various times.

We hope you will agree, that this will be another big deterrent to criminals considering any illegal activity through the evening and night time.

Along with the CCTV cameras and an initiative to reduce anti-social behaviour, we should see a big improvement to the town, where people feel safe and are able to park their cars without fear of them being broken into. Please let Simon Archer know and he will make sure it goes on there.